11 Top Tourist Attractions In Belgium

Belgium is a fascinating country located in the heart of Europe. It is a small country, but has a grand history and culture. It has a population of over 11 million people, and the capital city is Brussels. This country boasts a unique blend of French, Dutch and German cultures and languages, and is a great destination for travelers to explore.

Additionally, Belgium is known for its delicious cuisine, including famous dishes like waffles, fries, mussels and chocolates. Beer is also very popular in the country and there are numerous breweries and pubs to sample the local brews. Belgium is also home to some of the most iconic landmarks in Europe, such as the Grand Place, Manneken Pis and Atomium.

Finally, Belgium has a rich musical heritage and is a great place to experience a variety of music styles. From jazz and classical to folk and modern pop, the country has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a place to explore culture, eat delicious food, or enjoy great music, Belgium is the place to go!

11- Leuven

Best Places To Visit In Leuven

First, Leuven is a beautiful city situated in Belgium. Immersed in culture and history, the city has been around since medieval times. For instance, the University of Leuven, founded in 1425, is the oldest university in Belgium and has a rich academic history. Accordingly, the city attracts many students and tourists alike.

Moreover, Leuven is known for its vibrant nightlife. With many clubs, bars, and restaurants to choose from, the city has something for everyone. Additionally, the city is home to many cultural events and festivals throughout the year. From the Leuvense Beer Festival to the International Festival of Leuven, there’s something to keep everyone entertained.

Finally, Leuven is a great place to visit for a short weekend getaway. With plenty of sights and activities to explore, the city is a great destination for a fun and exciting visit. So, if you’re looking for a unique spot to explore, Leuven in Belgium is a great choice!

10- Dinant

Hidden Gems to discover in Dinant

Interestingly, Dinant is a city located in Belgium. It is situated on the Meuse river and is the capital of the municipality of Dinant. Notably, it is known for its beautiful landscapes and its history as a major industrial centre.

Surprisingly, Dinant is home to the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame de Dinant, a Romanesque church built in the 12th century. Additionally, it is home to the citadel, a majestic fortress towering over the city. The citadel offers an amazing view of the city and the surrounding area.

Consequently, Dinant is a great place to visit. Its unique blend of historical and modern attractions make it a great place to explore. Plus, its vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine will make your stay even more memorable.

9- Ixelles

Must-Visit Landmarks In Ixelles

Interestingly, Ixelles is a municipality located in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. This charming city is known for its numerous lakes, parks, and historical sites. Moreover, it offers its visitors a wide range of activities to explore.

Subsequently, Ixelles is known for providing lots of shopping opportunities. Here, visitors can find everything from antique stores and designer boutiques to independent concepts and high-end shops. Furthermore, it is home to many restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Finally, Ixelles is a great place for outdoor activities. From biking and running to a leisurely stroll, it has something for everyone. Additionally, it is an ideal destination for art and culture lovers, as it is home to numerous galleries, theaters, and museums.

8- Grand-Place

Ultimate Places To Explore In Grand-Place, Brussels
Grand-Place, Brussels

Splendidly, Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium is a stunning landmark. It’s a large cobbled square surrounded by gothic and baroque style buildings. This cultural gem draws thousands of tourists every year. It’s the central square of Brussels and a symbol of the city’s rich history.

The highlight of Grand-Place is its impressive architecture. Its walls are adorned with golden statues and detailed carvings. There are several guildhalls, the City Hall, and the Breadhouse. These buildings have unique designs and features that make them stand out from the rest.

Every two years, Grand-Place hosts the Grand Place Flower Carpet. This event is a display of over 800,000 begonias that are arranged in intricate patterns. This spectacle is a marvel to behold and is a great way to experience the beauty of Grand-Place.

7- Atomium

Top-Rated Travel Destinations In Atomium, Brussels

Tantalizingly, the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium is an iconic landmark that is renowned for its peculiar architecture. This 102-meter-tall monument was constructed in 1958 as part of the World Fair Expo. It consists of nine interconnected spheres, each 18 meters in diameter, representing a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

The structure is made of steel and is composed of three levels connecting the spheres. It is supported by two hundred and four pillars, with two escalators and an elevator inside. The top sphere is a restaurant with a splendid panoramic view. The lower spheres contain permanent exhibitions related to the 1958 World Fair and the history of Atomium.

The Atomium is a popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors every year. It is surrounded by a park with a mini-golf course and a playground, making it a perfect family-friendly destination. The Atomium is one of the most unique and intriguing attractions in Brussels, and its surreal architecture is worth seeing to believe.

6- Liège

Top Destinations To Visit In Liège

Admittedly, Liège in Belgium is truly delightful! Firstly, it is known for its vibrant atmosphere and rich culture, with stunning historical sites, modern architecture, and great restaurants. Secondly, the city is well connected by public transport, making it easy to get around and explore. Thirdly, the city has a wide range of attractions, from art galleries and museums to parks and gardens. Consequently, it’s the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a longer stay.

Surprisingly, Liège has a lot to offer! The city has a world-famous Christmas market, where you can find unique gifts and decorations. Additionally, the city is home to a number of festivals throughout the year, including the popular Liège Carnival. Furthermore, the medieval churches and cathedrals are a must-visit, providing an insight into the city’s past.

Altogether, Liège is an exciting city to explore! With its rich history, vibrant culture, and many attractions, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination. Undoubtedly, this Belgian city has something for everyone, offering a unique and memorable experience.

5- Stavelot

Best Things To Do In Stavelot

Tantalizingly, Stavelot in Belgium is an ancient city with a rich culture and history. It is situated in the province of Liège, on the River Amblève. Its origins are believed to go back to the 6th century and it was the location of the Abbey of Stavelot. The town is mainly known for the Spa-Francorchamps race track, which hosts the annual Formula One Belgian Grand Prix.

Extravagantly, Stavelot is known for its important monuments and buildings, such as the St. Remacle church, the Premonstratensian abbey, the Maison du Pays and the Memorial of the 1831 Revolution. The town has various interesting sites such as the Fagne de Malchamps, the Wégimont Castle and the Abbey of Stavelot which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Gleefully, Stavelot is a great place to visit with its cultural and historical attractions, as well as its natural beauty. It offers a variety of activities such as walking, cycling, skiing, golfing, and more. Visitors can also enjoy its vibrant nightlife, with its bars, restaurants, and cafes. Stavelot is a great destination for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

4- Ghent

Top Tourist Attractions In Ghent

Interestingly, Ghent in Belgium is a delightful city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the country with a blend of old and new architecture that will take your breath away. It is also home to some of the most fascinating attractions such as the Gravensteen Castle and the canals of Ghent.

Moreover, Ghent is known for its vibrant nightlife with numerous pubs, bars and clubs. Here, you can enjoy a fun-filled night out with friends or simply take a romantic stroll along the picturesque canals. Additionally, Ghent also offers a variety of mouth-watering cuisine that will tantalise your taste buds.

Finally, Ghent is a great place for art lovers too. It has some of the best museums in the country, such as the Museum of Fine Arts and MSK, which are filled with world-renowned masterpieces from many eras. All in all, Ghent is a great place to explore and have a good time!

3- Antwerp

Best Vacation Spots In Antwerp

Unsurprisingly, Antwerp in Belgium is an amazing city. Firstly, it is renowned for its beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes. Moreover, the city is home to many historical sites such as the Plantin-Moretus Museum and the Grote Markt square. Furthermore, Antwerp is renowned for its fashion, making it the perfect destination for shoppers.

Consequently, the city is brimming with culture and art. Its array of museums, galleries, and theatres provide entertainment for all. Moreover, there are many events and festivals to enjoy such as the Antwerp Pride, the Antwerp Triennial, and the Jazz Middelheim Festival. Additionally, the city is home to many fine restaurants offering delicious Belgian cuisine.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Antwerp is a destination worth visiting. From its stunning architecture to its vibrant culture, there is something for everyone in this enchanting city. Undeniably, Antwerp is a magical place that will stay with you long after you have gone.

2- Bruges

Top Things To See In Bruges

Surprisingly, Bruges in Belgium is a must-see for tourists. Firstly, it is known as the Venice of the North due to its canals, cobbled streets and romantic bridges. Consequently, it is a city full of history and culture, with a medieval old town surrounded by the ancient city walls. Additionally, it is a great place to explore, with plenty of picturesque architecture and monuments.

Moreover, Bruges is a paradise for foodlovers. For example, the local beer is one of the best in the world, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to visit. Furthermore, the city is known for its delicious Belgian waffles and chocolate. In addition, the city also boasts some of the best seafood in the country.

Ultimately, a visit to Bruges is an unforgettable experience. Not to mention, the city also has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of art galleries and museums to explore. Therefore, it is no wonder why Bruges is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Belgium.

1- Brussels

Best Places To Visit In Brussels

Surprisingly, Brussels in Belgium is a city of many wonders. Firstly, it is the capital of Belgium, and it is home to the headquarters of the European Union. Secondly, Brussels is known for its beautiful parks, historical sites, and amazing architecture. Lastly, Brussels is renowned for its delicious and unique cuisine, with dishes such as Belgian waffles and moules-frites.

Additionally, Brussels is a great place to visit during any season, as there are plenty of activities for people of all ages. In the springtime, visitors can enjoy the blooming cherry blossom trees. During the summer, they can take a leisurely stroll through the Grand Place or explore the many museums. Additionally, in the winter months, the city lights up with wonderful Christmas markets.

Finally, whether you’re looking for a unique place to explore, a city to enjoy art and culture, or a place to savor delicious food, Brussels is the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip. With its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and endless attractions, it is no surprise that Brussels is an ideal destination for travelers from all over the world.

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